Student Ministries

Vision: To see high school and middle school students coming to full life in Christ.

What does that look like?

  • Students are Seeking Christ.
  • Students are Dedicated to Christ.
  • Students are Confident in Christ.
  • Students are Serving Christ.

How do we do that?

God has given us a 3-fold ministry strategy that coincides with the vision of Bethel Church.

  • Discover (Experience God) - We want to provide opportunity for our students to Discover Jesus in a new and fresh way. Whether that is for the newcomer who has never stepped foot in a church or for the seasoned high school student who is passionate about Jesus and just wants more. We do this through our Wednesday Discover Nights.
  • Develop (Walk with others) - We want to provide opportunities for students to Develop their relationship with Jesus and go deeper. We do this through discipleship groups, both large and small settings and encouraging students to begin mentoring relationships with trusted leaders of our church.
  • Deploy (Serve the world) - We believe it is important as Christ followers to serve. We want to encourage a heart for ministry and service in our students. To that end, we also train them how to serve and what that looks like for each student. Opportunities are provided in our church and in our community for service. For more information, talk to Pastor BJ.

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